Passing on the Light

” . . . he  who  lights his taper at mine, receives light without darkening me.”  — Thomas Jefferson, 1813

Teaching is all about passing on the light.

With each new technology, it seems our job would become easier and in many ways it does.  Never, never before is so much information and knowledge available and at the speed of light.  And for only the cost of a bit of bandwidth.

But there’s a dark side to technology’s gifts or perhaps more correctly stated, technology can give us more opportunities for our dark side to advance.  What is truth?  Whose truth is it?  And to whom does the fruit of intellectual labor belong?

Jefferson felt strongly that it is the expression of ideas and not the ideas themselves that belong to individuals.  Ideas and knowledge contribute to the public good through news reporting, critique, and, yes, teaching.

As teachers we need to be the first line of defense in protecting our right to fair use.  We need to model by creating, sharing our creations wisely, and being vigilant in respecting the creations of others.

Join us in an exploration of copyright and fair use in our digital age.  Pass on the light.

btw if you have any questions about the technology we’re using for this inquiry, I’m happy to help.  Email, Skype criscrissman, meet 2B Writer in Second Life.  Please post questions that might shed some light for others to the Winning the Race wiki discussion board. You need not be a member of the wiki to post.


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