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Lasagna Rolls: Thinking Outside the Lines

Never thought that I would bake lasagna in a round pan.  But, why not? Tradition would dictate that we layer the noodles and cheese filling and sauce in a rectangular pan and then slice it up when the alchemy has … Continue reading

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Hands Off My Blog: Affirming the Right to Blog

“He’s (Mark Twain) surprisingly relevant right now . . . when you look at how much he wrote and the breadth of the subjects he wrote about, you know that if he were alive today, he would totally be a … Continue reading

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If a Tree Falls . . . Hope Is Not a Strategy for Success

In a world of high tech and intelligent tools, sometimes it’s refreshing to see men depend simply on strong backs, power tools, and a little luck.  And sometimes it’s not. I watched unbelievably as the whole neighborhood turned out to … Continue reading

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The Transparent Toaster: The Formal/Informal Learning Dilemma Heats Up

You take something that is creative and open-ended – quests, videos, blog posts, play – and because it needs to be measured, participants are given common and clearly defined ‘objectives’ to aim for. And steadily and surely the fun and … Continue reading

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My “Tool of Everything” — the E8

“. . . our universe is a growing E8 coral with particles interacting at every location in all possible ways according to a beautiful pattern.”  Garrett Lisi, TED 2008 E8 Polytope (Wikipedia) My Personal Knowledge Environment is evolving faster than … Continue reading

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