Lasagna Rolls: Thinking Outside the Lines

Never thought that I would bake lasagna in a round pan.  But, why not?

Tradition would dictate that we layer the noodles and cheese filling and sauce in a rectangular pan and then slice it up when the alchemy has achieved perfection.  But that delicious cheesy filling can slip right out and onto someone else’s serving.

Why not maximize the potential for every serving to be perfectly formed and intact?

That’s what thinking outside the lines or box is all about — daring to imagine an alternative possibility.

In this case, to think roll-up rather than layer.  Assemble the lasagna rolls by spreading the cheesy filling on each cooked noodle and roll up like a jelly roll.  Then cover with sauce and more cheese (can’t have too much cheese) and you’ll have individual servings.

Form meets function and tastes delicious!

I can’t determine the creative cook who first dared to break tradition; there are many lasagna roll recipes on the Web.  But, I can recommend Amanda’s “Something Savory” version with spinach and sundried tomatoes.  Perfect for gluten-free, vegetarian-types minus the meat and using DeBoles Rice Lasagna Noodles.   Cook the no-bake noodles first so you can roll them up, but you would have figured that out.


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3 Responses to Lasagna Rolls: Thinking Outside the Lines

  1. Bill Lovin says:

    My first experience with lasagna was at the Ratheskellar in Chapel Hill in 1968, also an out of the box attempt at creation as it was made and served in the same individual serving bowls. I used to do take out from the Rat and they would actually give you the lasagna in the oven safe glass bowls it was made and cooked in. I still use the bowls today. But after 40-years of lasagna (around the world), I can personally attest that this roll-up lasagna is the absolute most creative (and delicious) I have ever tried. Make it with love and time and you can’t go wrong. Never assume there is one best or right way to do anything.

  2. jaapsoft2 says:

    Cannelloni (Italian: large reeds) are a cylindrical type of pasta generally served baked with a filling and covered by a sauce.[1] Some types of cannelloni need to be boiled beforehand, while for others, it is enough to use a more dilute sauce or filling. If one cannot find ready made cannelloni, rolling lasagne around a filling is an alternative. In Uruguay and Argentina, crepes are used instead of pasta.

  3. You know, I vaguely remember hearing something about cannelloni but had never made the connection to rolled-up lasagne. Obviously a failure of imagination. Thanks so much for the enlightenment. I’m checking out Whole Foods and Trade Joe’s for cannelloni. btw Comments like yours are exactly why I don’t disable the comments after a few weeks as advised to do in a WordPress workshop just yesterday. You risk lots of SPAM but once-in-awhile you get a gem like this.

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