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Collaborate, Create, Contribute: ECI 521 Alums Keep on Giving . . .

“So how’s attendance?” “We’ve a decent number in each session but that last room, hey, it’s overflowing!” Now we know that we can’t claim all the credit for ECI 521 alum Katie Moore’s soldout presentation at the North Carolina Reading … Continue reading

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Thank You, Mrs. Benson!

“Thank you, Mrs. Benson.” That’s how I ended my brief tribute to my senior English teacher, Barbara Benson, and her bold choice “to teach” Richard Wright’s Black Boy (Journey Book VoiceThread, ECI 521: Learning Through Literature with Young Adults). I … Continue reading

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Hands Off My Blog: Affirming the Right to Blog

“He’s (Mark Twain) surprisingly relevant right now . . . when you look at how much he wrote and the breadth of the subjects he wrote about, you know that if he were alive today, he would totally be a … Continue reading

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If a Tree Falls . . . Hope Is Not a Strategy for Success

In a world of high tech and intelligent tools, sometimes it’s refreshing to see men depend simply on strong backs, power tools, and a little luck.  And sometimes it’s not. I watched unbelievably as the whole neighborhood turned out to … Continue reading

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The Transparent Toaster: The Formal/Informal Learning Dilemma Heats Up

You take something that is creative and open-ended – quests, videos, blog posts, play – and because it needs to be measured, participants are given common and clearly defined ‘objectives’ to aim for. And steadily and surely the fun and … Continue reading

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My “Tool of Everything” — the E8

“. . . our universe is a growing E8 coral with particles interacting at every location in all possible ways according to a beautiful pattern.”  Garrett Lisi, TED 2008 E8 Polytope (Wikipedia) My Personal Knowledge Environment is evolving faster than … Continue reading

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Reaching into the Future

“I have expectations when I write.”  — Melina Marchetta, author I’ve grappled with the question of goals and outcomes that came up a few weeks ago.  It seems a logical progression to begin with outcomes, decide how those outcomes will … Continue reading

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